With their large expressive eyes & often curious nature, Porcupine Puffer-fish are regular favourites with our divers.  They are relatively big for reef fish and have a body that is entirely covered in short spines.   When stressed or threatened they have the ability to suck in water to increase the size of their bodies, giving them their name.   When fully inflated, their spines stick straight out from their rounded bodies, making them impossible for all but the biggest of mouths to swallow.
Unlike many reef fish they can be quite curious and if not sleeping on the reef will often approach divers for a closer look, maybe a result of their confidence in their amazing defences.
Because Porcupine Puffer-fish have many natural defences, they tend to be slow moving and docile.   Most dives and snorkels will bring an encounter with one, whether you’re at Koh Bida Nok or at Koh Haa Lagoon you’re sure to be able to get up close to one of these amazing creatures.
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