Congratulations to Andreas!
Having tried scuba diving in a swimming pool back home, Andreas didn’t mind where the boat went, as long as he could dive “somewhere in the ocean!”
His previous training was a great start, and Andreas mastered the skills with ease, and was soon happily floating around enjoying the amazing underwater world, seeing how many characters from “Finding Nemo” he could find!
Girlfriend Nicola hadn’t been in the water for a while and came back from snorkelling lucky enough to have seen 2 juvenile blacktip reef sharks, and said that she’d never done anything like this and had an amazing day out with us yesterday.
Also congratulations to Lee who decided to let us help him enjoy his honeymoon by coming diving, and had a great time exploring the swim-throughs and caves at The Cathedral.
We were very happy to find some Harlequin Shrimps too, the beautiful creatures are usually very shy but today they were happy to pose for photos!
It doesn’t matter what your experience is in diving and snorkelling, here at Koh Jum Divers you’re sure to have a great time. For more information, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.