1. Most fish reproduce by laying eggs, though some fish, such as great white sharks, give birth to live babies called pups.
  2. Starfish are not fish. Neither are jellyfish.
  3. Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds. Humans have around 7,000.
  4. Seahorses are the only fish that swim upright.
  5. Since a fish’s jaw is not attached to its skull, many fishes can shoot their mouths forward like a spring to catch startled prey.
  6. Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids.
  7. Most fish have taste buds all over their body.
  8. Most fish can see in colour and use colours to camouflage themselves or defend themselves and their territory.
  9. Most fish cannot swim backwards. Those that can are mainly members of one of the eel families.
  10. There are approximately 32,000 different kinds of fish in the world today, which is more than all the other kinds of vertebrates combined.